Day 280 – Lilacs and Grape Hyacinth


This was an Alameda Flea market find a few months ago and it screams “SPRING!” I do have lilac bushes in my yard, but they are still closed up tight. Instead, I found these little guys blooming in the front yard:

Grape Hyacinth : )

They look like tiny lilac clusters : )

There’s work to be done – we need to plan what we’re planting this year and where its going to go. What better way to kick off spring than planning for the growing season?

Lilac on lilacs : )

We started with the lilac Fiesta, added that interesting green we found at Target and topped things with plum. The weather is still playing that cool can’t-let-go-of-winter thing so we’re having chai in those plum mugs : ) We’ve got our vintage garden books to consult and a lazy drizzly day to do it. Can’t WAIT for that warm weather and to dig in the dirt!

86 days to go!!

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