Day 279 – A “Mad Men” inspired table

Cherries : )

Now you well may be thinking “Cherries? What do cherries have to do with the sleek 60’s style of ‘Mad Men’? ” I am just as surprised as you might be.

The latest challenge on Sew Weekly was to make a “Mad Men” inspired outfit. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the show, and while I think its visually stunning I find the characters dreadful. I want to kick the men in the crotch and shake the women really hard so I usually watch it with the sound off : ) To acquaint myself further with the various fashions of the show I checked out Tom and Lorenzo’s blog, and imagine my complete surprise when I found THIS pic:

Check out the tablecloth!

I OWN that tablecloth and we haven’t used it yet! I had to copy and enlarge this photo to make sure but yep, this is it : ) I bought mine nearly four years ago, on a last-minute trip to Healdsburg after my husband was diagnosed with cancer and before he started treatment. We had gone up to celebrate our one-year anniversary before things got “bad” (little did we realize how quickly they would spiral out of control) and I found this reproduction cloth by Moda for Home in a small vintage store near our hotel.

I used it once, and then it lay unused until now. In celebration of the return of “Mad Men” its coming out of the dark today.

Our table

I have to be honest, its pretty unexciting in the grand scheme of things. But, like the show, we tend to do whimsical and fantasy tables, the way we would LIKE things to be, not as the necessarily ARE. In the picture the kids are eating a fairly common and mundane dinner of spaghetti with french bread. No veggies, no salad…and all on white plates. My family had a set of white plates when I was little, they were basic and utilitarian which is fine. I pulled out my white Fiesta but felt the table needed a LITTLE color so I brought in a rose Fiesta salad plate : ) They are using a set of silver flatware, the likes of which I just don’t own, so I added my basic french ivory.

The baby at the end of the table is in his high chair so I pulled MY high chair out of my parents garage : ) It is an actual piece from this era and my parents kept it and used it not only for their kids but grand-kids as well. We couldn’t find the tray and not wanting to completely reorganize the garage, decided to use it as is.

I have a similar set of cut glass salt & pepper shakers like Betty’s so they’re on the table. She used a plain white plate to put the bread on but I couldn’t resist using my rose Fiesta bread dish : ) I don’t have any napkin holders, Betty has a painted wood one, so instead I brought out my special vintage plastic pitcher.

Looking very carefully at the background (Oh, that plaid wallpaper…I’ve never like plaid wallpaper and this is the epitome of that look <shudder> ) I could see a hen and rooster figurine set so I placed my hen and rooster salt & pepper shakers over my buffet. To the left is a small burro pulling a cart figurine that holds sugar packets in the cart – don’t have one of those but that one is awfully cute : ) To the right of the rooster is a small double bird figurine that I used to have but sadly, it ended up on the ground in way too many pieces to Humpty Dumpty back together.

My dining room furniture is of the era. I found the entire set which also includes a stereo cabinet and a hutch at a re-sale store up in Red Bluff many years ago. I think I paid a whopping $200 for all 10 pieces plus the pads and a couple of extensions for the table. They were covered in dirt, paint and goo from years of neglect and abuse. MANY hours of standing and layers of polyurethane later I have an entire suite of fabulous furniture. The date stamped on the stereo is May 1955 so this stuff IS the real deal.

If you’d like to check out the blog where I did my research you can find the pics of this table here. Have your own “Mad Men” dinner! Make some cocktails, put on a fabulous outfit and enjoy your friends : )

My "Mad Men" meets Pucci outfit

This was my version of “Joanie meets Pucci in 1967″ outfit. I made the dress and lined the turquoise vinyl raincoat with the same fabric for a cha-cha ensemble straight out of the era : )

Tomorrow – Lilacs and Grape Hyacinth

87 days to go!!

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