Day 261 – Plaid week Day #3

Primary Plaid

This is one of my favorites : ) Like the red/turquoise one that Sue loves this is one I’d leave on the table all the time if the cats would let me.

Lots of color!

Unlike the cloth we used yesterday this one DOES have color on top! This one is very heavy cotton and at some point LOTS of starch was used on it. I’ve washed it several times and it is still crisp. That’s a lot of starch : )

If you started your day out here it would be hard to be cranky. Everything but the red is vintage : ) Oh, and the striped Fiesta go-along glasses. If ever there was a tablecloth that those glasses were meant to go with this is it!

No snake references today, my mom will be happy : )

105 days to go!!

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