Day 258 – Chartreuse & Ivy

Yes, more ivy : )

Because we said goodbye to one of our friends yesterday it seemed comforting to bring another one back.

We’ve used this cloth and couple of times before and I love the contrast of the red vines with the white border and green leaves and center so in that spirit it’s all about contrast today.

Contrast : )

To pop the brown and chartreuse we started with white. With the plethora of chartreuse Fiesta we wanted to make sure it stood out : )

I like the simplicity of the color-blocking, and for some added fun we pulled out the chartreuse polka dotted napkins. One of my favorite finds has joined the party, my two-toned lazy susan!I think the idea of the Lazy Susan is fabulous – and in this instance we’re having Pho for dinner, a Vietnamese soup with “add-ons” that everyone can choose. In my Lazy Susan compartments will go cilantro, mint, onions, maybe some basil (which I love) and bean sprouts (which I don’t but others do), the perfect way to customize your food!

Today is flea market day, can’t wait to see what adventures the day brings!

108 days to go!!

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