Day 254 – Leap year day!

It's a frog...

This is one relaxed frog : )

Trying to figure something out for our extra day this year was more challenging than we first thought. Not only are there no really good traditions to celebrate, the most oft-talked about tradition is from the British Isles where women are “allowed” to ask men to marry them.

1908 postcard

I’d like to think we’ve come a long way in 104 years…

In the spirit of the relaxed frog we’re doing a small dinner in the leap frogs honor this leap year : )

It's not easy being green

Angie came to help out on this one! The frog green tablecloth is hers as is the very fine frog prince.

Grandma's frog

The frog was her grandma’s, it has outfits.  Bow ties and vests for most holiday’s…seriously…

We added the crown : )

Lily pads!

To stand out in the field of green we started with white Fiesta, added one of the plates I found at Goodwill with the swirly and green edges and topped it with a shamrock Fiesta salad plate. The lily pads are images I printed and cut out, just placed on the plate. The frogs are garden figurines.

French ivory silverware and the napkins from the green rainbow day almost finish everything off.  Angie brought her favorite mugs, special for today –

There's a frog in your cup...

There’s a frog in the bottom of the cup : )

Do something for yourself today, just because we have a bonus day shouldn’t mean we spend it running around, trying to get more stuff done. Do something that takes you to the frog’s state at the top of this post.

112 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 254 – Leap year day!

  • Angie

    And to think we did all that and I didn’t think to have my chai out of my frog mug. Oh well next time. Now what special traditions are we going to start for this special day? It really needs some.

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