Day 253 – Red Ivy…yes, red : )

Yes, red ivy...

I did say that we had lots of ivy-themed tablecloths : )

It does have one of my favorite color combos, the red and grey, but it also has that weird green that I need to be careful with. Don’t really want to evoke Christmas now that it’s almost spring.

LOTS of ivy!

This tablecloth is HUGE – I think I could put in both leaves and we’d be fine. I bought this from one of the regular vendors at the Alameda Flea market several years ago. He had a table piled high with tablecloths, mostly cutters. The people that he dealt with before me were a little cranky : ) I had about 10 cloths that I wanted to get prices on so I was REALLY nice to him and he gave me a REALLY, REALLY good deal! This one has lots of small rust-looking stains along one side and my original plan was to cut it up for market bags but at the last minute I just couldn’t.

Now I’m glad I didn’t : )

I do like the real ivy centerpiece : )

I really did play around with several greens – the Vernonware dark green and Fiesta shamrock were so Christmas-y it hurt. The funky green plates from Target won. And I really wanted to use the grey Fiesta dinner plates but I have somehow managed to misplace a couple of them. Oooops : ) But I do like the vintage grey plaid so things worked out.

Pasta time!

The ivy glasses that I scored at Goodwill are the same color as the salad plates and most likely from the 70’s. Two of them were used a lot and washed in the dishwasher as the ivy is quite faded on the outside. You can see the original color from the back or inside of the glass : ) Two were never used as they are the same color inside and out. If you have vintage printed glassware like these wash them by hand to be safe!

Put some red into your life, even if it is in the form of ivy : )

Tomorrow – Leap year day!

113 days to go!!

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