Day 252 – Poppytrail Breakfast : )

Metlox Poppytrail Mobile

As promised, the fabulous Poppytrail Mobile : )

Barbara and Marshall dug out their box of Poppytrail Mobile and it was better than Christmas! So much inspiration…

Breakfast : )

I just couldn’t resist playing with the colors…

The turquoise and the purple!

I pulled out my basic turquoise tablecloth and then my lilac Fiesta.


The vintage yellow plate picks up the yellow in the design, the rose bistro silverware pulls out the pink and I couldn’t decide between the turquoise and the yellow polka dotted glasses so I used one of each : ) Be sure to check out the creamer and sugar, especially the lid on that sugar bowl.

This is such a good way to start out the week. Here’s hoping it fabulous for all!

Tomorrow – Red ivy…yes, red : )

114 days to go!!

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