Day 250 – Lavender and yellow leaves


This gorgeous little cloth was in amongst a stack of cutters – you can just see a little stain at the edge of one of the leaves. If that were the only issue this cloth had that would be no biggie but this is one well-used and well-loved piece. It has numerous small holes and stains, and it was probably around $3 but seriously, who could resist these colors?

Tropical : )

One thing to always consider is how YOU would use something like this – do you have little kids? Then maybe some holes and stains aren’t the worst thing if you can add something pretty to your life : ) Buy something that speaks to you even if it isn’t in the best shape and play around with it!

To play around with THIS cloth I pulled out my lilac Fiesta dinner plates and then piled on the vintage.

Pop with yellow and cream!

Original cream and yellow Fiesta pops against the lilac plate and blue of the tablecloth. For some whimsy we brought in the yellow polka dot glasses and Harlequin salt & pepper shakers. The refrigeratorware pitcher is the perfect match to the cloth, a vintage napkin from Nadine, french ivory silverware and some calla lilies in my Italian pitcher means breakfast can be served!

Now this previously sad yet well-used cloth shines again : )

Tomorrow – Bobwhite brunch

116 days to go!!

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