Day 247 – Red and black and butterflies

Black and white and red and butterflies : )

After the wild and crazy day of Mardi Gras yesterday this seemed “subtle” in comparison : )

Cozy and red

I can’t even remember when and where I found this cloth but clearly the red is what drew me to it! The fact that it has milkweed and butterflies on it just makes it fabulous.

No milkweed : (

This is the time of year the Monarch butterflies that winter on the coast here in California wake up and start their annual migration. It’s been so warm that people have flocked to Santa Cruz to see the parade : ) This is where we’ll start our day before heading out.

Scarlet Fiesta bookend the stack o’ dishes, with a black salad plate and small gold-rimmed china plate in between.

And just to make sure we’ve got fresh coffee for the coffee drinkers I pulled out my little red-handled french press : ) If you want coffee done the way the purists do it, use a french press. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, keeps a french press at his desk, preferring the darker roasts like Sumatra.

Add some white for the pop factor!

Vintage napkins from Nadine, vintage bakelite silverware and two different vintage glasses give us all we need for a great start to the day.

It is also Ash Wednesday, and while my odd Lutheran/Jewish upbringing doesn’t really celebrate this day in any traditional sense I also discovered that today is National No Smoking day in Ireland, land of pubs and the ever-present cigarette. This was started in the spirit of giving something up for Lent and I think its a FABULOUS idea!

I can tell you with absolute knowledge that smoking causes a nasty form of cancer that can grow quickly and the pain is barely controllable. The side effects of treatment are almost as bad as the disease itself. If you know anyone who smokes encourage them to QUIT, NOW.

If they need a reason let them chew on this – in the average lung tumor of a pack-a-day smoker (who has smoked for 25 years) there are approximately 50,000 genetic mutations. That averages out to every three cigarettes smoked causes a genetic mutation and your body can only handle so many before you get a “cell on a mission”.

In the spirit of Ash Wednesday, and Lent, encourage smokers to give it up : )

Tomorrow – Cheryl’s birthday!

119 days to go!!

3 comments to Day 247 – Red and black and butterflies

  • As you know my Mother started smoking at 15 and gave it up at 55, a 40 year habit that ended at a pack and a half a day. As well as leaving me to be a 28 year second hand smoker with asthma. We do not miss it one bit in fact she thinks the smell is one of the most choking this that can across past your nose now. And I mention this not only because what you said but because this is a table I know she would love. Will have to show her the next time she stops buy. Thanks for reminding people to never quit quitting.

  • Kim Granata-Clark

    I love this table covering, I love anything Asian pattern!! Great job.

  • Kathy

    This table setting is absolutely lovely. It makes me want to bake a batch of cranberry/orange scones and have a cup of Joe. However, your comment about having a Lutheran/Jewish background is perplexing. Neither your Grandparents nor your parents were Jewish…and I don’t really classify your Mother and my upbringing to have been Lutheran. But if you prefer to attach your upbringing with your Aunt Betty, I suppose that is your choice.

    Thanks for the table settings, todays and since I started to follow your website.

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