Day 245 – The calla lilies ARE in bloom again!

Bows and calla lilies : )

In the same pile o’ stuff we found at the last Alameda Flea market as yesterday’s gold was this gem : ) I have consistent taste, it seems, since I own this in the pink/grey combo!

But how could I resist when the calla lilies really ARE blooming? When I first moved into my house almost 18 years ago we had SO many plants that they didn’t bloom well any more. Now, with the chicken girls, they’ve managed to re-arrange the bulbs so what blooms is outside the fence : )

Dinner time!

The sun has moved position enough that we get late afternoon sunlight in our dining room, letting me know that longer days are ahead. Daylight savings is just around the corner as well (March 11) so its time to start seeds for this years garden, get the rest of the stone walls in and watch the buds bloom. Here’s to spring!

Turquoise or teal?

To keep the table as crisp and bright as the cloth we pulled out lots of white – white Fiesta dinner plates and our square salad plates from Chinese New Year. Layered in between is modern turquoise Fiesta as is the large serving bowl. The “swoopy” vases are vintage, a Goodwill find, as is the gravy boat.

Love the vintage glasses!

And because they’re so cool the vintage turquoise glasses came to add the finishing touch to the table.

No assistants today, it was too nice and everyone has been staking out their favorite spots in the sun : )

Tomorrow – Mardi Gras! It’s Fat Tuesday!!

121 days to go!!

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