Day 244 – A little bit of gold, a little bit of black

Black and gold : )

This is one of a stack of cloths found at our last foray at the Alameda Flea market, and it has a friend! Sue owns this print in blue WITH napkins, we used it on day 120, just before our Halloween madness.

This one didn’t come with napkins but it is pretty fabulous anyway, kind of reminds me of summer and bumblebees…


Today is an EARLY day, my daughter and I are doing a photoshoot for another blog so we need a good breakfast to get through the morning.

Vintage grey plaid plates are nested on basic black, and big gold bowls from IKEA are perfect for oatmeal and fruit.

Polka dotty cow : )

My little polka dotty cow friend holds cream and for quirky fun we’ve added yellow boomerang glasses. Vintage napkins from Nadine and silverware from Salvation Army means we’re eating in style : )

We’re also gearing up for Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday – stay tuned!

Tomorrow – The calla lilies ARE in bloom again!

122 days to go!!

3 comments to Day 244 – A little bit of gold, a little bit of black

  • Thank you for not putting food on this one. I’m so hungry right now that creamer is starting to look tasty. This table has a bit of elegance to it that is very appealing. Classy breakfast for some classy ladies.

  • Brittany

    I love the vomiting cow creamer.

  • mel

    The reflection in that second pic makes it look like the outside of the bowl is plaid and the interior yellow…how cool would a set like THAT be?!

    Love your blog…discovered you via Kitchen Retro, and am devouring your archives. You have a lovely collection, and quite a lot of talent for putting it to use!

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