Day 242 – Pink & Green early spring

Pink and green : )

This is for my friend Angie.  One of her favorite color combinations is pink and green, so when I saw this cloth in my stack I knew she would love it. Here’s hoping I’m correct : )

This is a California hand print, one that came in a stack of cutters from Nadine. It sports many tiny holes as well as small stains from being left on a metal dining table while wet. I’ve tried to “artfully” work around them but I have a feeling that this cloth will soon be made into market bags.

Spring table

The weather here has gone from rainy and chilly to sunny and cold to windy, and now its warm enough to walk around in a t-shirt. I have a large crystal that hangs in my kitchen window and when the sun hits it at a certain angle, before the trees have completely leafed out, it’s spring : ) We’re almost there…

Shamrock and rose Fiesta pick  up the colors in the cloth, the small red bowls mimic the flowers centers.

Pop of red : )

Vintage hobnail glasses sit alongside pink depression glassware, my grandma’s pink napkins and my pink bistro silverware finish things off.

In the spirit of creating something with vintage style using modern materials this is my latest post to the Sew Weekly blog:

1955 was a good year!

You can read about the dress and the car here.

Spring is on its way!

Tomorrow – Project Linus – Make a blanket day

124 days to go!!

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