Day 241 – Steel Magnolias

Magnolias or ??

Are these Magnolias? Truthfully I’m not sure. I would almost guess Dogwood, since Magnolia leaves are big BUT there is a reason I’m using this one today.

1 – The cool grey/green vibe going. Needed a break after the whole red thing last week…

2 – I have a REALLY cool set of dishes by Red Wing called “Magnolia” that I’ve been dying to use.

3 – I keep thinking about the movie “Steel Magnolias”.

First the dishes -

Greens and Magnolias : )

Taking our cue from the grey background we pulled out my vintage grey plaid dishes. setting the small Magnolia berry bowl on the stack and using a complementary saucer under the cup uses what I have the best possible way. The VERY cool casserole dish in the back was the whole reason I wanted this set to begin with, the salt & pepper shakers a fabulous bonus.

Greens and greys

The amazing thing about the pottery of the era is designs like these were all painted on by hand, no stamps, prints or transfers. There are some artists who could still tell which pieces they had done 40 years later!

Other than the few pieces I bought from my friend Uncle Bill who used to have a store in Martinez, I’ve rarely seen any other pieces. Most of what I saw were chipped and all subsequent pieces had cracks and crazing. Guess I’ll have to put in on my list of “things to look for” in the future : ) The green glasses are IKEA, the napkins vintage from Nadine and the small vase Fiesta.

My other inspiration for this table was thinking of one of the strongest women I know, my friend Crystal. She and her family are going through a trial like no other right now, having to make life decisions quickly. She was also one of the first people to tell me that she really liked what I was doing with this blog and a huge source of support to me and my family in a semi-similar-but-nowhere-near-as-serious time we had a few years ago.

Her ability to keep going and keep fighting is amazing, she is truly a Steel Magnolia. Our hearts go out to her and her family. If you’re the praying type, or if you just want to send them some good wishes, you can read her online journal here:

(You may have to register to use the site but it only takes a minute and it’s free.)

“That which does not kill us only makes us stronger.”

Tomorrow – Pink & Green early spring

125 days to go!!

2 comments to Day 241 – Steel Magnolias

  • I LOVE THIS — I think this might be my favorite… since I have the gray/chartreuse set — the casserole is gray, and no s/p shakers. I have most of a full set of 12, courtesy of my late aunt Doris. She also left me with her diaries from the 1920s and 1930s. And a white sapphire ring. She was a lovely woman. xx

  • Angie

    What a wonderful way to tell a friend you are thinking of her.

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