Day 240 – Peaches, pears, grapes & plums

As promised : )

After a week of pink and/or red I thought a break was in order!

This is one of my latest finds from the Alameda Flea market. In very good condition, and with six napkin friends, it’s one of the biggest cloths I’ve ever found. I think I could put all three extra panels in my dining table and it would be fine.

Completely complementary : )

Generous helpings of ALL the colors – plenty of blue in periwinkle to vintage blue Fiesta, stacks of vintage yellow along with some new marigold finished off with enough radioactive red to shine…not glow, just shine : )

Old and new

The glasses are a vintage 50’s set that came with a blue pitcher and the four colored glasses which are perfect here. You can see the napkins under the french ivory fork – the set was loved and used (there are some light stains on a couple of the napkins and a few small ones on the cloth) but this set was sent to the cleaners at least 5 times, judging from the laundry marks I found on the hems. It is also linen so it was probably expensive in its day and the owner treated it well : )

Ball pitcher and some ducks : )

Just for some whimsy I pulled out my  Donald Duck creamer & sugar set – all that Fiesta is quite serious : )

Have fun, mix things up, use the nice stuff every once and a while. Today is all you’re guaranteed.

Tomorrow – Steel Magnolias

126 days to go!!

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