Day 238 – A cherry-valentine dinner

A cherry heart

What is better than a heart made of cherries for this Valentines Day? Not much… : )

Cherries upon cherries!

I did say we’d get back to red and pink, did I not?

Fabulous cherry “mugs” from Target sit on white and rose Fiesta, small scarlet side-bowls rest next to cherry glasses (you KNEW they’d be back!)

Ready to eat!

Pink napkins, pink bistro silverware, pink salt & pepper shakers stand out amongst the pearl grey and white Fiesta and pink tulips. Just in case you’re wanting/needing some last-minute floral items – Safeway has doubled the price of their roses, as usual, but Trader Joe’s bouquets are the same price they were last week and last month.

The tablecloth came from a lovely ebay seller, Karen Elaine. It is truly one of my favorites and Karen is one of the fabulous sellers that makes ebay a really good place.

We’re almost there…

Tomorrow – Happy Valentine’s day!

128 days to go!!

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