Day 237 – Red Morning Glory morning : )

RED morning glory's!

If this looks familiar, it’s because I also have this in orange : ) It’s good to be consistent. Both sets were purchased from Nadine, both have napkins and I *think* she said the orange was less common that the red but hey – this is RED!

And being this is the week before Valentines day and we’re trying to offer ideas, here we are : )

LOTS of red

The conundrum with this cloth was what accent color should we pick up. The green is not quite kelly, has dark low lights and could be deemed “Christmas-y”. I did try the dark green Vernonware but immediately ditched that as too-last-season. The vintage green Fiesta turned out to be the better color without totally hijacking the table.

Red, white and green : )

Alternating red, white, red, white, the dishes themselves become almost flower-like. Green cups & saucers give the table some snazz, along with the hobnail glasses and bistro silverware.

Be sure to note the napkins, the true sign of Nadine : )

We felt like we needed to take a break from the red-pink design roll we had going but don’t fear! The charming, at times almost drippingly sweet, will be back! We still have two days until V-day!!

129 days to go!!

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