Day 236 – Asian Valentine brunch

Red & pink drama

I bought this tablecloth many years ago from a young woman who sold at one of the larger collectives in Martinez, back when the stores were occupied and the vibe fun. Today, less than half the merchants that were there 10 years ago remain, and most of the ‘younger’ folks now do ebay and etsy (I hesitate to classify it so, because I know there are some ‘older’ sellers that do it too, but when you see who is behind the counters now…let’s just say they all remember Kennedy and the days of Camelot fondly).

Today is the day of the enormous Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco. When I was little, and my family lived in the city, we would make the trek downtown to see it live. I remember being told I was “too big” to sit on my fathers shoulders, that was now reserved for my younger sister. Even back then the crowds were formidable, and now it is one of the top 10 parades in the world. Its the largest celebration of its kind outside Asia and I think I heard the number one and a half million plus being bandied about as the number of viewers thought to be attending.

For my friends wishing to be a part of the swirling mass of humanity, I hope you have a wonderful time! This is why we have television and live broadcasting, I’ll be watching from the comfy confines of my couch : )

You can't see me...

Miss Olivia hopped up on the table and would NOT get off, for any amount of tuna or chicken. There was just something about that vase and the tulips…

Pink and and red...

To keep with the obvious theme we’ve got going here we started with the rose Fiesta and added liberal doses of the scarlet. I couldn’t decide on pink or red napkins…

...more pink and red...

…so I did both! As much as I’m loving the whole pink/red vibe going. along with the amazing graphics on this cloth, the other real stars of this table are these guys:

S & P shakers : )

How can you not love them? Their condition isn’t fabulous, nor is it terrible but they were quite reasonable and oh-so-adorable. I don’t keep them out as they seem to be cat attractants : ) Not quite like the flowers but close…

Can you see me? I don't think so...

She’s got her head so far into the vase that she really couldn’t see me!


Then she acts like nothing is wrong : )

Either that or she knows that she really does look quite charming against all that red and pink.

Invite some friends over, have a small celebration of maybe nothing more than it being Saturday and you have each other.

Tomorrow – Red Morning Glory morning : )

130 days to go!!

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