Day 235 – Cherry blossom breakfast

Bountiful blossoms

I found this cloth many, many years ago in a pile of “extras”, the owner thought it was too faded for anyone to want but because it had no holes or stains it wasn’t quite a “cutter”. I don’t really think anything has faded, it’s just not as bright as some.


To keep with the “subtle” theme, but making sure there’s plenty of pink, we started with a rose Fiesta dinner plate.

A new friend

The we added a new friend! This plate is by Fukagawa and the pattern is Cross Star. I found a ton of these at Salvation Army last week and since they were having a half-off sale they were a dollar a piece! I like the silver band and sort-of mid-century look about them. In any case they make a sparkly addition and set off the pink depression glass : )

Ready for berries!

Vintage pink glasses and napkins, a pink petalware sugar bowl and the cutest little silver bird salt & pepper shakers finish off the table.

Birds : )

These were my Grandma Bertha’s. I don’t have much from her and my mom regrets not being more assertive after she died. Things like her hand-made petite point rug and very, very old small black cast iron pan that she cooked her morning egg in ended up going to Goodwill.

I’m sure the Fukagawa dishes were somebody’s grandmother’s, its too bad they ended up at Salvation Army. Maybe the dishes didn’t have any sentimental attachment, maybe no one was left to inherit but it always makes me wonder. Kind of like finding old albums or boxes of pictures that chronicle generations of a family – what happened that led to these being, for lack of a better work, orphaned?

Tomorrow – Asian Valentine brunch

131 days to go!!

2 comments to Day 235 – Cherry blossom breakfast

  • This is so pretty! I’m glad you bought it.

  • Angie

    Just think of it like you are enjoying what their familes didn’t or think of it like the person is still living and just got tired of it or moved in with family and didn’t want to keep it. Either way I am always glad that it was discarded because I know it is mine now. Can we say greedy much? I think we can. On a brighter note, wouldn’t those dishes look great with my twin star silverwear? I think we need to get them together for a play date.

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