Day 234 – Geraniums on gold

Geraniums : )

Along with ivy, geraniums are one of the more common themes of the fifties. I’ve actually done a *bit* of research and the best I can come up with is they were bold and bright, a nod to the past while people looked forward to the future. Most people remember a grandma or great-grandma planting them in their yard. Their pluses – they’re easy to grow, can winter over pretty well and can be propagated easily. I believe the best term would be “economical” : ) I plant them because my Grandma did, they come in some pretty nifty reds and they do well in our California heat.

And the chickens won’t eat them, that is the MOST important thing about them!

Geraniums and Ashton : )

Today I couldn’t move the cats off the table. Yes, there is only one in the picture but there were two under the table and a third trying to get my attention by smacking my foot. I don’t know if they really liked this cloth, which admittedly is pretty cool, or were trying to tell me something else.

(What’s that? Timmy’s in the well?? Take me to him!)

About the only thing we’re really missing here are the aforementioned geraniums. Why? See the above mention about wintering over. All of mine are “sleeping” and our local store doesn’t have any yet. Ah well…

LOTS of red and yellow!

Ashton steadfastly refused to move away from the vintage yellow Fiesta and modern scarlet. My vintage red footed bowls and hobnail glasses give the table a little sparkle and vintage napkins via Nadine coupled with french ivory silverware finish everything off.  The cute little glass pitcher with its red, white, green and yellow stripes was a dollar find at a thrift store years ago. Technically it’s “incomplete” because it’s missing its little red plastic lid but I didn’t really care.

Olivia : )

Miss Olivia finally hopped up on the table and was pawing at my hand. Maybe it has to do with the full moon…

132 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 234 – Geraniums on gold

  • Angie

    This would be great for a winter dinner party where there have just been weeks and weeks for grey skies, not for us California girls but I’m sure someone back east could really use this.

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