Day 233 – Blue bricks and red ivy

Red ivy....

Some day (in my copious spare time) I’m going to have to research out this ivy obsession in the 50′s. I think between Sue and I we have close to two dozen tablecloths in all kinds of color combos but the real question is WHY?? Maybe it goes along with that love of jello/aspic and canned goods. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about you MUST head over to Lidian’s blog Kitchen Retro where she analyzes and comments on old advertisements, lots of them food related. One of my favorites as of late is the “Melon Shell Game” and really, all I want to do is host a party where we make at least a dozen of these culinary treasures : )

Pink & red ivy dinner!

As promised, we’ve got pink and red : ) There’s just some blue in there to keep it from getting TOO cutesy. I’ve also got some new mugs – they’ve got POLKA DOTS on them! Anyone who knows me well knows I have a fondness for polka dots, as my fellow contributors over at the Sew Weekly blog have discovered. You can check out my creation this week here, then you’ll understand : )

Splash of blue

There is PLENTY of pink here – from the plates to the napkins from my Grandma Lola to the silverware. I even found some gorgeous tulips at Trader Joe’s, who historically does NOT hike the prices of their blooms for the upcoming sugar-and-guilt inspired holiday.

Splashes of red in a salt shaker, luncheon plate and polka dotted mugs give this a little zip!

I promise to do some tables for my single friends out there. I’ve been single on my best Valentine’s Days and use it as a day to tell the people I care about how much I appreciate them. We don’t need to be part of a “couple” to be fabulous : )

Tomorrow – Geraniums on gold

133 days to go! Can you believe we are TWO-THIRDS the way through the year??! I can’t…

1 comment to Day 233 – Blue bricks and red ivy

  • Angie

    I wonder if the not found in nature color skeem comes from the early days of Andy Warhol, you know when everone liked his work and he wasn’t all wierd.

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