Day 232 – Pink farm fields

Pink fields

I get the grey stone house but pink fields? Must be from the 50′s!

When you really look a the design of that house it’s pretty cool. Two story, lots of windows, huge fireplace…I used to think that would be where I would eventually live, maybe somewhere in Connecticut where it snows. Then I spent some time at Lake Tahoe in the winter and discovered (quickly) that snow and I? Not a good match : )

But there is still something about this that tugs at me and when I found this at the flea market it was on the top of the “must have” stack!

Pink, grey and blue!

It is also the perfect opportunity to show off a new acquisition – the pink/grey dishes! The woman selling these only had the cups, saucers, bread-and-butter plates and berry bowls BUT she REALLY didn’t want to take them home again so I paid less than 50 cents a piece! Some of the cups are the grey/pink combo you see here, some are all pink. With all that grey/pink going on the Fiesta had to come play too : )

Love the splash of blue : )

Pearl grey and rose Fiesta, vintage pink lace glasses and pink bistro silverware complete the table. The napkins are  from Nadine (although the cloth isn’t) and to pull in that little splash of blue we grabbed one of the Hall refrigeratorware pitchers.

We’re coming up on Valentine’s day, one of my favorite holiday’s of the year! Be prepared for LOTS of pink and red : )

Tomorrow – Blue bricks and red ivy

134 days to go!!

2 comments to Day 232 – Pink farm fields

  • Angie

    Is that the one where we were worried that they husband wasn’t going to be to happy once he found out how much she sold it for? comunication is the key. lol can’t wait to see the dishes in more things because that means more pink and grey and I love that combo in the 50′s sence of things.

  • Suze

    So pretty! How fun to be putting together these lovely table settings every day!

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