Day 231 – Periwinkle keys


I found this at my friend Tim’s shop, The Steffen Collection, in Martinez. The coolest thing about this is one half the table it white on the periwinkle background, and the other half is the reverse!

Half & half : )

Isn’t this COOL??! I couldn’t resist…

So what better way to celebrate the wacky half & half than do a white plate on the periwinkle background and periwinkle onthe white? Why, that’s a fine idea : )

Periwinkle on white

The periwinkle plates are Salvation Army finds, the white is Fiesta. I think I found the periwinkle mugs at Goodwill along with the iridescent glasses.

White on periwinkle

I kept the silverware simple with the french ivory as well as basic white napkins. I like the common thread of the white bowls at each place. My Lipton tea set and refrigeratorware make this lunch table a welcome place to hang out today.

I did have supervision:

Hi Mom : )

Somebody is hoping I finish up soon so there can be cuddles on the couch and some zoomies in the backyard before dark : )

Here’s hoping the coming week is a kinder one!

Tomorrow – Pink farm fields

135 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 231 – Periwinkle keys

  • Angie

    Look at that cute face. How can you not just spend all day with that on the couch. I don’t know what zoomies are but she needs them all the time. Oh wait there was a table setting there wasn’t there. I like the simpleness of this one, very clean. now back to staring at the puppy.

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