Day 230 – The Rainbow!

LOTS of color!

If this looks vaguely familiar its because I own its cousin, and we used it Day 7 (Dinner is Served). Both came from Nadine and both are Wilendur prints. This just seemed like the right one to end a week of rainbow tablesettings.

The WHOLE rainbow!

Using flowers from the week brought the table alive. Not all were still living, the cats did the roses in, and the pansies still need to be planted outside…but all in all it’s quite bright!

Sunflowers and pansies

Each placesetting is different, mainly because I don’t have 4 of everything : )

Lilac on the bottom with a red napkin

Nadine did go to all the trouble to make sure there were napkins that matched, like the red one here…

Vintage and modern oranges with a lilac napkin...

…and the lilac one here.

Yellow with the lilac plate...

 This bright yellow napkin matches the vintage yellow Fiesta dishes perfectly…

...and blue with yellow and red Fiesta!

and the blue rounds out the table. I debated about colorful silverware but decided we really did have enough color : )


Miss Minnie hopped up on the table to check things out – she’s looking for her bowl which just happens to be and small Fiesta bowl like the red one. She’s not finding it and letting me know how she feels about that.

Yes, even the cats eat out of Fiesta dishes at my house : )

Tomorrow – Periwinkle keys

136 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 230 – The Rainbow!

  • Angie

    Don’t have enough dishes for each setting to match, then mix it up a bit. No reason to not have people over ever! this way of life has saved me during this tight times.

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