Day 229 – Rainbow Purple!

Deep purples

If red is my all time favorite color then purple is a close second. My Grandma Bertha instilled an early love of all things purple, especially periwinkle, so I can’t help but think this would make her smile : )

Many shades of purple!

From lilac to plum to heather, it’s all here. Instead of cut flowers I put a bunch of pansies in my vintage ice cream cups for each person. After breakfast I’ll be doing some planting : ) Speaking of which, there is a special little breakfast treat with purple on it -

Purple pastry!

This little jewel is a piece of goat-cheese tart from La Boulange. The pears were simmered in a blueberry syrup for that fabulous color and I can tell you it is YUMMY!

What better way to eat it than on an all purple placesetting?

Normally I have some degree of animal supervision; Stuart, Ashton and the chickens have all made appearances here. Last night we all banded together to take a picture that was posted in several places on the internet to combat an egregious ad from that place with the golden arches.

According to a commercial to promote their new chicken bites they stated that eating their product is less risky that petting a “pit bull”.


Here is my response to that:

Chickens don't have "nuggets" or "strips" !

This was completely spur-of-the-moment – I had just gotten home from work when I saw the posts on a local rescue site. I had enough time to scribble a sign, plop on the couch and have my husband focus and click. Within moments of loading this onto the rescue’s facebook site it had dozens of comments and shares and hundreds of “likes”. It’s gone all across the country and we have a whole new slew of facebook friends and fans.

If you’re STILL not sure what the fuss is about, check out what nuggets REALLY are:

This is NOT food!

Let me also just point out the chicken in our picture : ) She is not food, is not bothered by the dog and has NO nuggets anywhere on her. “We don’t care what product they are promoting, but by insinuating that petting a “pit bull” is unsafe, is not only false advertising, but it is creating an unfair image in the public eye for dogs.”

 Silence gives consent about things like this so we are speaking up and NOT being silent.

Tomorrow – The Whole Rainbow!

137 days to go!!

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