Day 227 – Rainbow Green

Another plaid!

I gotta say, I love plaids!

And while this is some serious plaid, it’s also a little disconcerting – I keep trying to find the straight lines in this and get dizzy!

It's not easy being green...

Here I was all smarmy about doing green! I have a TON of green dishes, several different green Fiesta colors, depression glass, thrift store finds…

Each of them is unique (no surprise there) but almost nothing went together with this cloth! I needed strong yellow-greens and that didn’t quite fit the bill for the depression glass, many of the Fiesta colors and CERTAINLY not my random thrift store finds. I couldn’t even use the green glass cousin of the yellow and orange glasses I’ve used the last few days!

Looks almost like a tie...

The shamrock green Fiesta certainly fits the bill of yellow-green as do my IKEA glass finds. The dark green cups & saucers are my Vernonware treasures that the table needed for some contrast. I thought the napkins looked like ties so you could use this for a Dad birthday or Father’s day idea : )

Adding in some chartreuse

I tried adding in some chartreuse Fiesta, it is decidedly yellow green! Up to you whether its worth it : ) I also reversed the napkin position just to see but think I like the tie version best.

Lime green daisies

These are really lime green daisies : ) Are they real? Well, they’re real in the sense that the daisies are real but they’ve been stuck into a bucket of lime green water to change the color. They’re at the outer edge of my “acceptable” color for a flower since there are mums that are naturally this color (which the stores were conveniently out of) HOWEVER the turquoise daisies? They did NOT come home with me : )

I don’t do blue food OR dyed blue flowers.

And the chicken salt & pepper shakers? I just couldn’t help myself < g >

Tomorrow – Rainbow Blue (and no blue flowers)

139 days to go!!

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