Day 225 – Rainbow Orange : )

Oranges : )

We’ve got the gamut of oranges here! And we did say that black, white and grey were neutrals so here we go – -

Orange love : )

First I want to say that my mom inspired this one – she really likes orange and had a Marimekko print similar to this cloth hanging in our family room for years. It’s not that I don’t like orange, per se, its just not my favorite of colors. It was also my friend Pam that taught me to appreciate orange a little more so here we are guys! Orange in some of its many shades…

How many shades are there?

Most of the table is radioactive red vintage Fiesta. The small berry bowl holding a REAL orange and the cups & saucers are modern Persimmon Fiesta and the pitcher/tea pot is Hall. The frosted glasses are part of a larger set, the silverware a VERY inexpensive find at Salvation Army and the napkins are part of my Halloween madness collection.

I think we hit all the high notes : )


I had some very quiet companionship here – my big red/orange chicken Abigail. She’s not feeling well, and can just get up on the chair to sleep. I’m not sure how much longer we’ll have her : ( If you’ve never made the personal acquaintance of a chicken I highly recommend it. I’ve had chickens for almost 13 years now, as a matter of fact one of my original girls is still alive and going strong and I think a 13th birthday is a FINE reason to have a party!

Today we will just love the chickens. No matter who or what makes up your family, give them a hug. Today is all you’re guaranteed.

Tomorrow – Rainbow Yellow

141 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 225 – Rainbow Orange : )

  • Angie

    This makes me want to scream GO CAL since it is my high school colors. I to am not a fan of orange but how can you not have a good time with a table cloth like that.

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