Day 224 – Rainbow RED! : )

Yeah, this is a stretch for me : ) Do something with red and just red in it…twist my arm…

Red, red, and more red!

I guess this could be a warm-up to Valentine’s Day : )

The tablecloth is actually a piece of fabric I found on a trip into Stone Mountain Daughter fabrics in Berkeley. I went to get a small piece I needed to finish a dress and this was just *right there*. I have plans to make a blouse…really! But for now I think it’s adorable here.

Red food anyone?

To keep the whole red theme going we’re having raspberry sorbet with fresh raspberries and a cherry on top : ) And just so you can see the red food we used a white bowl, white being nice and neutral.


The napkin and bakelite silverware are vintage, the scarlet red Fiesta all current. The small white glass vase was a Goodwill find and the flowers from good ol’ Trader Joes.

Here’s some irony for you about the flowers – I went to our local Farmers market this morning to get red sweet peas. There is one vendor that has sweet peas year round, usually in red, lilac, purple and white. Just my luck, I need red today and he said they weren’t quite up to picking this week but NEXT week he should have plenty! Great….

So I head to my next errand, TJ’s, figuring I’ll get some Gerbera Daisies. I struck out AGAIN. Instead, they had these sweet little bouquets of Roses and Alstromeria for $4. In a week and a half that same small bouquet will probably be $20. Sigh…enjoy them now, the next time I’m buying roses is probably March!

Tomorrow – Rainbow Orange : )

142 days to go!!

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