Day 223 – Placemats and a plan

The Placemat

First comes the placemat…

I found these at the Alameda Flea market in a suitcase FULL of linens. These are actually linen, but when I found them they were wadded up pieces of fabric with some red and blue showing, looked more like a wadded up dishrag that needed to be tossed than anything else. I smoothed them out, dug around and found a total of three and then paid a whopping $5.

To say they washed up beautifully would be an understatement. I’m normally not a fan of placemats but these are lovely. I’m also not so sure about the whole red grapes/blue cherry thing…they could have easily reversed the colors : )

The table where we make the plan : )

Breakfast is planning time. It’s the time of day when it’s still quiet out, no one has made any mistakes yet and the day stretches in front just waiting to be filled. My favorite!

Ready for the day!

The only things on this table NOT vintage are the pieces of scarlet Fiesta. The blue and green, the placemats and napkins, the silverware and the glasses are all vintage!

So here’s the PLAN – the next week is all about the rainbow.

Each day will be a different color of the rainbow with neutrals allowed. Neutrals being defined as gold, silver, black, white and grey. Of course, because we make up the rules we may allow ourselves to break the rules but we’ll see…

The only limits we have in life are the ones we give ourselves. Sometimes we need to step outside our rules to really flourish.

Tomorrow – Rainbow week: RED!

143 days to go!!

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