Day 222 – Thai Tie Dye

From Thailand

One of the joys of working at a Junior College is the kids grow up, move on and become fabulous adults (no, I really don’t consider 18 year olds “grown up” even though they are legally adults). I’d say half of my facebook friends are former students and I am SO proud of them! One former student, Somchai, was from Thailand and the last time he went home to visit (before moving back for good) he asked if I’d like something from his home country. I told him to bring me some sort of textile, anything that was what he thought of as distinctly “Thai”.

This is one of the pieces he brought back : )

Thai dinner : )

This cloth has almost every color of the rainbow in it, except red! I’m not sure how distinctly Thai it is but I cherish it since it was from Somchai.

Ready for green curry!

I brought out my plum Fiesta since there is a lot of brown to purples in it. Because of the bursts of yellow I pulled in my vintage yellow Fiesta and Harlequin and then accented everything with other vintage Fiesta colors.

Green and orange...

Vintage green and orange bowls on the one side…

...turquoise and yellow!

and turquoise and yellow on the other! All framed out with plum napkins and burgundy bakelite silverware. The butter dish is actually plum, shows you what the slight difference in angle does to color!

The last time I spoke to Somchai he was heading back home, hoping to open his own theater company and school for acting. He was the type of person that would decide to do something and then just do it. I hope he was able to make his dream a reality : )

144 days to go!!

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