Day 221 – A table for Carmen Miranda


What on earth is the connection between a 70’s tablecloth with fruit on it and Carmen Miranda? We’ll see in a moment : )

This is a VERY unlikely inspiration piece – frankly, in many ways I don’t even like this cloth.

WHY?? It’s got cherries and apples, amongst other things. It’s a decent drawing of fruit and its been clearly established that I like cloths with fruit motifs. So what is the deal with this?

I think its more the colors than anything. That is one of my LEAST favorite shades of green and the gold…well, I do admittedly have a version-of-yellow kitchen but the gold here is solidly Harvest Gold, which is right up there with Avocado Green and Burnt Orange. In a word, YUCK.

Sorry Mom, I know this is yours but I had to think long and hard about using it and this little lady changed my mind:

Mi Carmen!

There is a point where something is so out there that its cool again, and she is IT : )

The vendors who had the fabulous red and grey vinyl chairs I’ve used here had tons of cool “stuff”.  Sue bought several pieces from them and as we were negotiating prices I saw “her” and knew she had to come home with me! We bartered harder for her than anything else!! The fruit in her headpiece is the original fruit, and my idea was to replace it with “modern” and “better” versions of the same thing. In the end I kept it, this piece is put together really, really well; I’m afraid I might damage something if I tried to “fix” it.

One of my favorite mottos – “If it’s not broken don’t fix it”.

Dinner with Carmen

So I’m using the colors in the cloth in a way that I can relate to : ) Yes, it would be the easiest thing on the planet for me to start with red but I’m going with the radioactive red here…or orange for us post-86 Fiesta kids. Then comes my FAVORITE green…

My FAVORITE green : )

Tempering that gold I decided to use the new marigold Fiesta, and just because I HAD to I brought in a little bit of my favorite red : )

I pulled in more yellow-gold with the vintage bakelite silverware and the Nadine napkin. Those fabulous frosty glasses are part of a larger set but they just seemed to work here.

The original Carmen

The original Carmen was an amazing performer and interestingly, a milliner as a young woman. She was the first contract singer in the history of Brazil in the thirties, and then became Hollywood’s highest paid performer in 1946 along with the dubious title of top female taxpayer in the U.S. (according to the IRS).

And let’s not forget the fruit laden hat…without that inspiration I would have never bought my ceramic lady friend and might have dismissed my mother’s 70’s tablecloth. I’m glad the two could meet.

145 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 221 – A table for Carmen Miranda

  • Angie

    Oh I’m so happy you finally got a chance to you her. I hope she will make another appearance before you are done, she is to fab to use just once.

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