Day 219 – Hi Ho Silver!

Another dresser scarf!

I think this is my FAVORITE dresser scarf! Love the colors, the theme is adorable and the work exquisite. I think I paid $5 for exquisite : ) The edging is bias cut blue and white gingham, so long used that it’s worn. Somebody clearly loved this.

Hi Ho Breakfast!

When I saw this it reminded me of the first time Sue and I met. We were both heading to a meeting, driving down a busy street full of ill-timed lights. She was driving…well, how do I say this? Not like your typical mom in a mini-van : ) When we both pulled up the the theater she hopped out and then a little boy tumbled out wearing a cowboy hat, vest, chaps and little gun belt. He looked like something out of “Leave it to Beaver” and an energy level that made the Energizer bunny look slow. That was the beginning of a friendship that saw us through too many late night rehearsals, lots of shopping trips and some tearful life moments.

If I had a little boy like that I might have breakfast with him here : )

Mommy, sit here!

Periwinkle and scarlet Fiesta frame out the pearl grey. The small red footed 40′s glass bowl is just waiting for fruit, and the Fiesta pitcher holds juice for the hobnail glasses.

Syrup awaits pancakes in the vintage pitcher and a grey napkins from Nadine keeps things subtle.

The back

The back of this piece is what my grandma was talking about! It is almost as nice as the front -

Extreme close up!

That is some pretty awesome work : )

These days that little boy that piled out of his mom’s van with such abandon is now taller than either one of us; he still a sly sense of humor and the attention span of a, well, 17 year old boy. Our kids grew up so FAST!

Hug your kids today, tell them you love them even when they try your patience and make you wonder about your, and their, sanity. Take time to listen even when they are talking nonsense, you can’t get that part of their childhood back and there are no do-overs. And no matter what, thank whatever god is appropriate in your world that they don’t have cancer. It’s been a tough week for some families, my heart goes out to you guys.

Tomorrow – Australia day!

147 days to go!!

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