Day 184 – Silver bells

Very traditional : )

Silver and red bells, holly and berries and red ornaments, this classic design came out of Angie’s closet. It reminds me of the  lyrics:

Silver bells, silver bells
It’s Christmas time in the city
Ring-a-ling, hear them ring
Soon it will be Christmas day.

FOUR days, four short days and its Christmas!

A Holiday dinner

I decided with the sensory overload going on right now that maybe, in amongst the bells and holly, we needed to have a little calm. It would have been SO easy to pile on the red, between the Fiesta and glassware this could have been eye popping…but we’re going to rein in the pop and go for something a little more subtle.

I did try red Fiesta to start out but I really liked the translucence of the green depression glass, and on bright red plates it just got lost. I was on my way to putting the white china with the gold bands away when I tried it and liked it : )

Subtle : )

I knew we needed SOME sort of red so the red footed bowls came into play as did the red bistro silverware. The holly napkins were a Nadine find, and the gold star napkin rings seemed the perfect dress-up touch. Green stem depression glasses keep the green theme going and little kids LOVE glasses like these! Teach them now how to use and respect them now and you’ll be able to use the ‘good’ stuff everyday…or at least for things like birthdays and holidays and good grade days…even the odd Wednesday for the heck of it : )

Instead of candlesticks I pulled out my dark green rectangular Vernonware serving platter and loaded it up with chunky candles (Hint – if you’re near an IKEA they have ridiculously good prices on all sizes of candles year round. Second hint – going Christmas shopping one week before Christmas at IKEA will probably net you nothing from their holiday line <g> )

Candles lit : )

Naturally once the candles were lit there appeared felines:

My Stuart guy

Stuart hopped up on the table, circled the candles, sat down for a minute before deciding that mom was too involved for kitty head butts and hugs. He ran off for a snack and a nap but let me know that its time for some one-on-one cuddling : )

Some nights all we need to do is sit and breathe for a few minutes. Make sure you take time out of the baking and wrapping and running around to breathe. If you have a fur ball to hug even better.

Tomorrow – Winter Solstice

182 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 184 – Silver bells

  • Angie

    Very classic, me like. I took some pictures of how we set it on Christmas day. We used lots of red because someone bought me some new fiesta wear so it just seemed right plus that is all I really had. You are right it made for a very lively bright table. I will make sure to send them to you if not show you on New Years.

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