Day 181 – Gold holly

Time for holly!

I had completely forgotten about this tablecloth, it was in my “cutter” stack. While cleaning up my daughters room I found an entire stack of these cloths and this one is PERFECT for the season.

Pretty good for a cutter : )

Just so we’re all on the same page a “cutter” cloth is one whose condition isn’t deemed to be good for anything but re-purposing either due to the cloth aging poorly or stains but most often from holes. This one has the distinct joy of both holes AND stains but since there are only a couple very small holes and the stains are relegated to one edge (most likely where the turkey sat and was carved) I had to use it.

No issues here...

I don’t have a whole lot of gold things, its easy for the gold to look weird or cheap (remember those bathroom fixtures in the 80’s trying to look like they were gold gilt? No more needs to be said <g>) but I do have some lovely white plates with gold edges that I thought would make a good place to start.

Of COURSE the red Fiesta had to come play since the color matched the tablecloth EXACTLY, and what better Christmas contrast than the shamrock Fiesta salad plate?

Check out the salt & pepper shakers : )

The 40’s red footed bowls stopped by as did the little gold edged glasses I found for the Gatsby picnic. Took me a while to decide on the silverware but I finally went with the vintage red and gold bakelite. I DO have a fabulous set of gold salt & pepper shakers, very NOT 80’s! But I have to say my favorite piece on the table is the creamer –


I found this nearly 20 years ago, I don’t even remember where, possible in Sonora when I found the Bobwhite plate with the hardware store ad on it. I just love, love, love the swirls. It has no markings which is neither here nor there to me, I just love it!

I did have an assistant today:

Ashton : )

Ashton kitty hopped up and wouldn’t get down. He settled down and had a short nap (delaying this post even further) but that much cute is too hard to resist.

We all had a long night, extra sleep is probably needed and deserved.

Christmas is a week away…almost there!

Tomorrow – We’re back to glitter…

185 days to go!!

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