Day 180 – Bows, wreaths and holly!

A wreath and a bow

As promised we are back in the land of conventional and NO glitter!

Sue loved this print so much she bought it three times, in three different sizes for her Christmas feasts. It is the epitome of Christmas decorations to me, with its cheerful bows, wreaths and ornaments.

The lunch table

The pace is starting to pick up, and between the days becoming very short we’re starting to panic…just a bit. Today is the day to get the final lists done, make the rest of the jams and plan the wrapping sessions. We’re taking a small break in the action for lunch here : )


My mom started collecting the Spode Christmas tree pattern back in the late sixties. My dad would take my sisters and I shopping to buy her a new piece every year. One year it was cups and saucers, another year mugs. Plates showed up for several years until we had 5 of each since there were 5 of us : )

Today the salad plate is nestled on top of red Fiesta and framed up with red vintage bakelite silverware. The holly and berries on the cup and saucer blend with the holly print in the center of the tablecloth and are accented by the holly napkins that were a Nadine find. Just because I’m me I pulled out my cherry glasses. They look like ornaments, right?

Time for a break

Take time in the next week to have some quiet time, it’s so easy to get caught up in the craziness and the energy of the moment. It only takes a few minutes to set a nice table, even if it is on the coffee table in front of the tv : )

One week left…

Tomorrow – Gold holly

186 days to go!!

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