Day 177 – Blue birch, stars and moons

If it's blue..

It must be Sues : )

This is another of our all-time favorites and, true to form, it was from Nadine WITH napkins : )


We’ve got the grey, we’ve got the blue, we’re ready for a fabulous dinner!

Pretty : )

We both love the grey/blue contrast so to keep it special we’ve upped the bling factor. Snowflakes are the focus, and Sue found this gorgeous set for a song. Dinner plates, berry bowls and cups & saucers sparkle. Vintage blue Fiesta contrasts all that silver and white. We both have a love of creamers and this one is beautiful while the glasses have an etched leaf design to keep the theme going : )

Twin Star silverware is back

Sue’s vintage Twin Star silverware plays a fine supporting role, and aren’t those napkins adorable? But what is wrapped around the napkins?

Moon and stars : )

Moon and star napkin rings, that’s what : ) These were one of the first home good items I EVER bought, back in 1979. I knew they were special and reminded me of something out of a Mary Englebreit design. I love them as much today as I did then and thought they were a perfect partner to the silverware and napkins.

Party time : )

This table makes an ordinary meal a little more special without being formal. Mixing the finer china with the Fiesta keeps it fun!

Mix things up, be unexpected.

Tomorrow – I’m dreaming of a pink Christmas…

189 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 177 – Blue birch, stars and moons

  • Alana

    I remember those napkin rings! I had a little blue moon demitasse set for years but it eventually got busted. This is a really pretty setting. Would also be nice at a moonlit supper in summer.

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