Day 156 – Twas the night before Thanksgiving…

Pizza : )

I love Pizza : )

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore…

Yep, its a pizza. Pizza is the inspiration for today. Why? In this food-centric week, why not pizza?

SOOOooooooo hungry…

Because my father is a genius.


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Day 155 – Two takes on purple leaves

Purple oak leaves

Purple oak leaves

We’re up to our knees in oak leaves : )

This is another print I found at JoAnn’s and couldn’t resist. It reminds me a lot of the leaf cloth I got from Nadine that we used in day 110, the Fall Feast. The ‘purple’ leaves aren’t

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Day 154 – A Mod Fall

Fall goes mod : )

Fall goes mod : )

If I were an adult back in the sixties I might have really liked this print : ) I’m almost sure I would have done some artsy-crafsty project to go along with it out of felt, like a wall hanging or napkin rings. One of my best

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Day 153 – Over the river and through the woods

"Land of Autumn"

"Land of Autumn"

Isn’t this print adorable? It’s a piece of fabric I found at JoAnn’s, from the Alexander Henry fabrics collection. It reminds me of a graphic we might have seen in the 40′s or 50′s, very “Holiday Inn” (the movie) and really brings out the spirit of the song “Over

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Day 152 – Harvest Pumpkins & a bird

Quilted pumpkins : )

Quilted pumpkins : )

This is another small quilt I started many years ago. I think we’d just gotten new machines in the shop at school after suffering through a devastating flood. We were so excited about the decorative stitches and especially the outline stitches that I started doing tons of applique

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Day 151 – More Quail : )

A covey of quail

A covey of quail

It just so happened that the first year I had my own covey of quail I found these amazing quail! I believe the exact name of the pattern is Thanksgiving Autumn Bounty by Fitz & Floyd. Most of the pieces have the fruit and veggie motif, the soup

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Day 150 – Tropical Fall

Tropical turquoise leaves

Tropical turquoise leaves

We are back to t-shirts and flip-flops here in the Bay Area : )

It seemed only fitting with this run of really nice weather to get outside and enjoy it! I had tentatively set this cloth aside to do a Christmas setting but with the sun

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