Day 163 – Winter Ivy dinner

We meet again...

We first met this tablecloth day 22, set with lots of green depression glass and a quail or two. Today we’re turning our perceptions a little sideways and it looks like a winter dinner tablecloth.

It’s dark earlier and earlier, about a minute a day for another three weeks and then the days start getting longer again, by about a minute a day : )

It's not easy being green : )

We now have LOTS of green dishes! The fiesta ware on the table is new (couldn’t help it!), the latest green, Shamrock. Combined with our new-to-us Goodwill finds and the green bowls I found at the Longest Yard Sale this summer we have got a table that is only rivaled by Kermit the Frog for its green-ness. And check out that green pumpkin! It was a present from Holly at Pig-out : )

Burgundy too : )

To pick up on the burgundy of the ivy stems I brought out my bakelite silverware and some Nadine napkins. The burgundy glass creamer & sugar set is also from the Longest Yard Sale, from the very nice mother/daughter team at the Sargent York Park in Tennessee.

It only seemed right that since its dark now by the time I get home that the candles come out.

Candles and green

The burgundy fades into the background a little more but there is a certain charm to soft candlelight : )


I was able to capture the flames doing that cool star effect again, don’t ask me how, it just is : )

Here is the answer to the blockbuster yesterday:

The answer

The lesson was to look outside your perceived parameters for solutions. No one said how LONG the line could or couldn’t be, just that it was continuous : )

Tomorrow – Plaid from Mena!

203 days to go!!

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