Day 162 – Winter cherry tea

Our favorite cherries

I took a computer class in college that taught “Conceptual Blockbusting”, looking at things in a little different way to find a solution.

Cherries are essentially a summer fruit, they blossom in the spring and are ready for picking about the time we think of fireworks. But turn the picture slightly and what do you see? Round red objects, green leaves, looks like a winter celebration : )

Tea time : )

It’s downright chilly out, even by California standards. I took the dog for her evening walk and it was 49 degrees! To keep the chill away we’re set for tea, and there is enough red on this table to brighten up the foggiest days, like today : )

Red Fiesta plates, cups & saucers along with red bakelite silverware set off the new (to us) white and green dessert plates. These were discovered wwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyy down in the stacks of dishes at Goodwill this last weekend. They seemed perfect for the coming season with their curly edges and green borders.

My favorite re-purposed item on this table is the glass/vase. It’s easy to find the odd printed glass, harder to find pairs or fours. This sweet glass, with its red, white and green harlequin print was on a shelf of stuff, no friends or mates : ( Here, however, it shines as a quirky vase for tulips.

Pretty greens

Green depression glass shines against the white plate, and the small green border napkins were a present from Miss Angie. My cherry glasses haven’t been out to play in a while so it was a no-brainer to bring them here.

As we were finishing up I started stacking dishes to put away, check this out:

More red, less green

If you’re not a fan of the green glass, or you don’t have any, this is just as pretty with the red in the center.

It’s so cold that we may be into the two-chais-a-day part of the year : )

Here was my favorite exercise in our conceptual blockbusting section – the answer may be simple by today’s standards but it was an eye-opener 30 years ago.

Connect these dots with three lines, you cannot lift your pencil off the paper.

0                    0                    0

0                    0                    0

0                    0                    0

Answer tomorrow…

Tomorrow – Winter Ivy dinner

204 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 162 – Winter cherry tea

  • Angie

    I love this for an alternitive for Christmas. Who says that your table setting has to have some sort of Christmas theme sometimes just the basic colors are enough.

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