Day 161 – Leaves are fallin’

Another leaf quilt : )

Years ago we had the neatest quilting store in town called Thimblecreek. They had the nicest fabrics, the greatest inspiration quilts and some of the  most knowledgeable people working there. This pattern had been made so you could really get the gist of the quilt, something that the small picture on the front of the pattern just couldn’t do. My daughter saw it and fell in love with it and so began an entire summer making this quilt.

I can’t remember how many different prints we used, somehow the number 68 stands out. It is HUGE, we ended up using it as bedspread on her full size bed. Today it is a tablecloth : )

Color, color everywhere...

No shortage of colors here! I seem to recall the original pattern calling for much more subtle colors, we clearly graviatated to the brights : ) At the time my daughter was in middle school and we had painted her room green with pink to red accents since her favorite movie that year was “Batman & Robin” and she had a thing for Poison Ivy, hence the green and red.


Today we have EVERY color you can think of here! And what better way to celebrate fall, so I chose the plum Fiesta plates as the foundation. Red Fiesta followed, then vintage radioactive red capped with my fun french yellow bowls. Do we have enough color? Nope : )

Drink it in!

The silverware is the vintage burgundy bakelite that I bought on a super sale at the flea market in Alameda. Deep red napkins have the leaf napkin rings and just to make sure there’s enough color I pulled in my purple wine glasses from Pottery Barn and the green IKEA glasses.

A dash of blue

I just found this set of original blue Fiesta salt & pepper shakers this weekend at one of my favorite stores, the Steffen Collection in Martinez. It is family run and they have great taste as well as a terrific sense of style. Tim is my bakelite guy, he’s assembled the most amazing collection of napkin rings in all kinds of animal shapes. One day I’d like to own a few more but for now I’m content to drool over the display case : )

I had supervision today but he was trying to be discreet:

See the orange ears?

Can you see the orange ears? Ashton was trying to hide behind the flowers, hoping I wouldn’t see him so he could bat at the candle flames. Since all he REALLY wanted was to be cuddled I sent him off my with husband so we didn’t have to make an unexpected trip to Urgent Cat Care.

I’m really liking the quilts as tablecloths. Don’t be afraid to try it! Today has given me an idea for a very special Christmas day setting : )

Tomorrow – Winter cherry tea

205 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 161 – Leaves are fallin’

  • Angie

    I love how Ashton has gone from helping to supervising. I’m glad you kept the same size plates the same color. I think mixing and matching would have been just to much with the cloth. A very fun rustic table indeed.

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