Day 160 – Fall Leaves

Leaves : )

The good news is that it has FINALLY been cold enough to turn the leaves red! The bad news is that it has finally been cold enough to turn the leaves red.

Sue got this really lovely fall cloth from the amazing Nadine and it, of course, came with napkins : )

Lots of leaves

We will both readily admit that this color combination is NOT one either of us favor. To say that this stretches our limits would be fair although we do now own a plethora of dishes to go nicely with it so clearly we’re open to trying new things.

It just seemed so easy to pull out the persimmon Fiesta and throw in some chocolate. The small bowls are the newer paprika color and now we’ve got the basis for some Moroccan/Mediterranean  recipe – chocolate covered persimmons sprinkled with paprika?  We’ll have to work on that.


You can just see the beige band on the napkins and I don’t think they were ever used, they are VERY clean and white! The salt & pepper set are paprika Fiesta and the silverware is the inexpensive burgundy set I found at the Alameda Flea Market last spring.

Beeswax candles and a leaf bowl

The stunning pine cone and bee hive candles are actual bees wax, we found these at the Green Fest last year. They’re so pretty we hate to burn them! If you look carefully at the bowl holding the pine cone “blossums” it has leaves etched into the design on the outside. All the non-printed leaves are real : )

Coffee/tea server

This is one little item that Sue and I both agree on – these old coffee servers are WAY COOL! We both have collections of them, and I don’t think we have two that match. This particular one is triangular, has the very George Jetson lid and handle and is still quite shiny.

We know they’re not the most practical of serving pieces but the cool factor, in this one instance, outweighs the usability of the piece : )

In another week we’ll be under the 200 mark for days to go and heading to the winter solstice, our half way point of the year. Look for the details of our interactive challenge both here and on facebook. You can like Retrodecosettings on facebook and click on the “share” button in each post. Share us with your friends! We’ve got lots of Christmas and winter ideas coming up, we’re even working on a Hanukkah setting and we’re considering the 12 days of Christmas. Considering, meaning we’re not so sure yet : )

Stay tuned…

Tomorrow – Leaves are fallin’

206 days to go!!

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