Day 159 – Christmas Magnolias


Yes, I’ve given into the Christmas thing…finally. I seem to remember a time that feels like not-so-many years ago when decorations in malls, etc. went up after Thanksgiving. I even remember one year a boyfriend working at the mall from 6 pm until about 3 am putting up all the decorations so when the stores opened at the very reasonable hour of 8am (two hours earlier than normal!) everything would be in place.

A friend of mine posted a picture on facebook that showed his local Home Depot store with their entire Christmas section up mid-October. Ugh…

But now that Thanksgiving is over and it is one short month away I’m feeling the beginnings of the Christmas spirit. Time to get the tree(s) decorated, make some tea and cinnamon rolls and celebrate with friends!

Lunch between shopping!

Most of my friends, and some of my family, have decided to stay away from malls and department stores and really think things through this year. We’re hitting thrift stores, antique stores, flea markets and locally owned businesses. Today is antique-day as well as cool fabric store in Berkeley day.

Let's get in the spirit : )

To get into a good place we’re planning lunch between forays into the busy world. I like the greys in the flowers so I’ve pulled out my vintage grey plaid dishes. Naturally the red Fiesta just migrated to the table, all by itself…and then the vintage green Fiesta jumped aboard.

Stripey glass friends : )

Thanks to Nadine we have the perfect napkins, and my striped glasses got in on the fun. Oftentimes there is some debate about silverware/glassware/accessories, and so things are pulled out, tried out and nixed. Today while I was deciding between sets of glasses Ashton decided the table was done enough for him and hopped up. I think it took him about 8 seconds to settle down and go to sleep : )

Tired kitty

You’d think HE had the house full of guests last night!

Last night was the annual Pig Out feast at our friends Dick and Holly’s house. As promised, there was a ton of food and also as promised, there were pigs : )

Miss Violet

 This is a MUCH better shot of Violet! She is snuffling along the floor for dropped goodies. They have a strict rule “Do NOT Feed the Pigs!” We all know the rules : )

The "Rules"

That doesn’t stop the girls from looking for the odd crumb that might get dropped on the floor, there is ample opportunity here.

Miss Sweet Pea

This is Sweet Pea, she’s about the same size as Violet and if you look carefully you can see her tail mid-wag. She wags her tail like a dog : ) At one point in the evening she decided that she needed a little break so she flopped down next to me as I was rubbing her back. She stayed there for about 10 minutes, made another round for food and decided it was time for bed.

Sweet Pea goes to bed : )

She has her pillows and blankets separate from Violet. In years past, and pigs past, they all slept together in amongst a bean bag nest in the study. These girls sleep apart but are just as cute : )

Violet in her bed

What you have here is the original pig in a blanket : )

Sweet dreams, girls. I’m sure they’re dreaming of sugarplums dancing in front of their snouts.

Tomorrow – Fall leaves

207 days to go!!

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