Day 158 – Pig Out!!

Pigs : )

Today is Pig Out – the annual party our friends Dick and Holly throw. The idea is to bring your leftovers to the party, put them amongst all the rest of the food and eat other peoples’ leftovers. Pretty genius, huh? You get rid of the food you really don’t want to eat for the next week, choose from a dozen different desserts that Dick has made AND if you’re early enough, see the pigs.

Yes, real pigs. More about them later…

A small pig party

To honor them and their pigs I had to look long and hard for this tablecloth. Found on ebay,  it was the first one without some sort of cartoon chef character chasing after the pigs with a large knife : ) Seemed to be the wrong message somehow…

Pigs and chickens and wicker!

I vaguely remember the whole basket thing in the 60′s, and the fact that these guys are wicker creatures just makes me snicker. The red and turquoise are a huge bonus! My big red Fiesta plates start the fun, followed by chocolate luncheon plates and topped with vintage turquoise Fiesta.

I am loving my turquoise vases from Goodwill, they hold tulips like they were meant to go together : )

LOTS of turquoise

Red footed bowls, hobnail glasses and red bistro silverware finish off the table. Now what about the pigs?

Violet : )

This is Violet, from behind. She is QUITE intent on finding food scraps on the floor, much too excited to be bothered with something as mundane as a flash. I know its not the best shot but at least you can see her relative size to the person standing next to her. Not small, not huge, a good size for a house pig.

Dick and Holly have two pigs, Violet and Sweet Pea, and are active in the pig rescue community. On this day we all come together to honor the pigs, or at the very least stay out of their way : ) They are very smart, each one having a distinct personality and are just amazing creatures. They were my final inspiration in giving up meat, and bacon was the hardest.

When I look in their eyes I realize it’s not so hard, I wouldn’t eat my cat or dog so why them? I’ll try to get better pictures this year. Once they go to bed Holly covers them up with their blankets and then we have the original pigs in a blanket : )

Ba dum-dum.

I’ll be here all week…

208 days to go!! (One month till Christmas…)

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