Day 142 – Leaves

Purple leaf

The fun thing about sewing for a living is being able to sew a bunch of different stuff. The not-so-fun thing about sewing for a living was not wanting to sew for fun when you were done with work : ( As a consequence some things, like quilting, had to wait until the school year was over and before the nuttiness of the summer started. Angie and I used to quilt from the second week of May until the beginning of June and one year I managed to squeeze this small quilt in.

All the leaves : )

After the fun of using a non-standard fabric item for the poodle table I got to thinking – what else did I have that might be fun to use? This nearly fell on my head as I rummaged through the closet.

It fits almost perfectly on my table and I love, love, love the colors. It’s got a little of everything going for it : )

Sunset dinner

I think its totally crazy that as I get home from work its nearly dark out. Five o’clock and almost dark!

Tables like this make the dark seem comfy and I’m loving my little quilt as the background. I pulled out my purple Fiesta plates and the small brown iridescent salad plates I found for Talk Like a Pirate day back in September at Goodwill. The small yellow bowls, the perfect fall accent, came from IKEA as did the small purple water glasses. The purple wine glasses came from Crate & Barrel waaaaaaayyy back in the 90’s.

Purple, burgundy and gold

The silverware is vintage bakelite, a very affordable set I found at the Alameda Flea Market. While not in great shape, no serious collector would even consider these pieces, they are just fine for casual dining like this : )

Hungry? I am!

The napkins are just cotton that I hemmed because I’m not a fan of polyester and I couldn’t find decent dark colors in the store. My leaf napkin rings came to hang out with the rest of their leaf friends.


Romera and Ashton : )

They are curled up on the couch, having taken over my comforter while I was working! They know how to stay warm and comfy.

Tomorrow – The 70’s meets the 50’s

224 days to go!!

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