Day 141 – A parade of poodles

Poodle love : )

This is NOT your typical tablecloth! As a matter of fact it’s not a tablecloth at all but a unique piece of fabric that for years I didn’t even understand or appreciate.

I believe I found this at a Peddlar’s Fair booth many years ago. I think I paid about $5 for it and thought the silver poodles on it held some promise for some future project. Anyone who sews a decent amount knows what I’m talking about : ) Those projects that you’ll get to ‘someday’. Now imagine you’re a designer, you do a lot of period shows and you just never know what you’re going to need and when…

Ever see the bumper sticker that says “She who dies with the most fabric wins” ? I was that girl, only I could justify it since I had a large shop to store everything in. Then one day we had a flood…a flood that filled the bottom floor of the theater with nearly 5 feet of water, pulling a fine silt from under the building and creating an impressive sink hole. Gigantic dumpsters of moldy fabric left the site, a dry cleaner backed an enormous truck up to the building and filled it with wet, muddy clothing. Box after box after box of ‘stuff’ was sorted through and all those ‘someday’ projects went bye-bye. It was sad but freeing, so when I went to replace things I was a little more selective. This was one of those pieces.

Watch carefully...

There is an actual parade of poodles across this cloth, boys and girls in metallic silver with green bows or collars playing with more green butterflies. Of COURSE the chartreuse green Fiesta made an appearance, they were MADE for a print like this!

...can you see them?

The large black plates frame the setting, the silver plates were the glass plates I found at IKEA and spray painted a metallic silver. The green glasses? IKEA finds as well. Amazing what two dollars will get you at that store : )

The lighter green vase holding the brilliantly green chrysanthemums is Hall, a present from my youngest sister. (And the really off green vase on the back table? We’re not perfect, it’s a goof. Didn’t have time to reshoot and my photoshop skills aren’t good enough to get rid of it. Ah well…)

Polka dots to add to the fun!

 I thought the polka dot napkins were the perfect quirky touch and in the future will have a matching scarf. Why?

It makes a SKIRT!!

Turns out, the fabric is printed to make an entire circle skirt with the poodles prancing around the hem!! I have TWO repeats, so I have the front and back of a real poodle skirt. The center is marked as is the place to cut the panels apart but there is no other marking or indication. I wonder if they sold the matching plain fabric for a blouse or ??

At any rate, when I figured out what this really was I immediately moved it to ‘most protected’ status. Can’t you just see this made up into a skirt with a crisp white blouse and the aforementioned green polka dot scaf around the neck or pony tail?

I can : )

It's a boy : )

This is one of the boys – I’m not sure if I were a boy if I’d want a bow around my tail though…

Here's the girl!

We know she’s the girl since she’s got the long lashes and the bow around her neck : )

For now, we’ll eat on and enjoy the poodles. One day, however, I may just have to make up the skirt as it was intended and throw a party.

Lesson here – if it speaks to you, grab it. You never know what you’ll find later.

Tomorrow – Leaves

225 days to go!!

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