Day 137 – Fall cherries

My favorite cherries

It’s been SUCH a long time since I’ve seen my favorite cherry friends. When I spied this corner in my pile today I jumped at the chance to bring it to life!

Warm cherry dinner

It’s time for a simple dinner and then curling up on the couch under a pile of down and kitties sounds good. We’re expecting a storm from Alaska and I can feel the chill in the air. T-shirts and flip flops a few days ago, boots and jackets today. How’s THAT for a fast transition to fall?

Gingham, hobnails and bistro ware : )

This lovely little cloth was an April Cornell find. I couldn’t decide between the plethora of napkins so I went with the simple country classic, gingham. Scarlet Fiesta, funky green Target plates and my red bistro silverware make this table complete.

Friends found at the Longest Yard Sale came to play as well. The hobnail glasses have been introduced but the salt container is making its debut. Yes, I only have the one but its in great shape considering its age. I found it and a couple of other items that will make their way onto a table very soon in an actual old barn in Kentucky.

We saw a sign on the highway that said “Huge barn sale – 2 miles”. This in itself was an anomaly since most signage was placed after the actual turn in the road, necessitating either a quick stomp on the brake and last second turn into a gravel road or an ‘oh well, hope there was nothing good there’ as you flew by at  50 miles per hour. ‘Signage 101′ should be mandatory for such events.

So we decided since someone had actually taken the time to put up clear signs with plenty of warning that we should check it out. There was a moment where I wondered if they were selling the actual barn or just what was in it : ) It was just like something out of a post card, corn fields all around, trucks pulled up at all angles. The owners used to have a consignment store but closed it down and now had the store stock in their barn. It was well laid out and they were wheelin’ and dealin’ in a very nice way. The lack of guns for sale was a plus : ) Nothing like a pick-up truck full of rifles and the odd AK 47 to set your mind at ease…

And to top it all off they had both the Confederate flag AND the standard Stars & Stripes hanging on the side of the barn. Equal opportunity for all. If memory serves we ate at the Cracker Barrel that day too. Oh boy…story for another time : ) BUT I scored this very cute salt shaker, part of a stove set and yes, I’m actively looking for its pepper mate each flea market I attend.


Ashton kitty has a knack for knowing when red or orange settings are up and requiring his regal presence. He is very happy about the weather and makes a wonderful lap warmer. He’s also very cute and he coos instead of meows so he’s always welcome to add more color : )

More cherries

I just might have to do a whole cherry-themed tree for Christmas this year.

Tomorrow – Celebrate the Squash!

229 days to go!!

2 comments to Day 137 – Fall cherries

  • That little shaker exudes the sweetest cuteness! I liked it so much I looked it up, it’s made by”Tipp” which apparently made a bunch of the same shakers, but with different designs on them. There’s a set of 4 plain white ones on ebay for sale ($10) – they have red lids. CUTE! There was also a set of 7 for different spices but it’s been sold already.

  • Angie

    This looks as though they are embroidered rather then printed. So far the empbroidered clothes I have found have seemed either to manucatured or to homie and crafty. This seems to have just enough to make it a pleasure to have around. Now throw some soup on those bowls I’m cold.

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