Day 136 – Fans galore

Pretty and delicate

Still feeling the desire for quiet and calm I pulled this small cloth out. It was a purchase from Nadine, complete with the pink-edged napkins. My mind started to wander over what I knew about fans which was surprisingly little. I was very pleased, when I typed ‘fans’ into google (and separated out the music fan nonsense) to discover we have a museum not too far from here dedicated to the history of hand fans!

While this may seem a little odd keep in mind that Sue and I met doing theater, where as a costume designer I became an expert at some things and quite knowledgeable about a bunch of other stuff : ) I still like the learning aspect.

Soup, salad and homemade bread

The weather is cooling off so warm food is in order. I pulled out my blue Fiesta plates to hold a huge salad, my small pearl grey plates for LOTS of homemade bread and the rose chili bowls for some sort of ‘stoup’ (Rachel Ray’s version of a soup/stew combo).

Big and warm : )

You can see the pretty rose napkins, the signature touch from Nadine, along with my rose bistro ware, the vintage lacey glasses from the 50′s and the modern blue Fiesta pitcher and tumblers.

Salt and Pepper are back!

In case you missed them before Salt and Pepper came back to play! My daughter found these guys at a garage sale for about fifty cents. Their cheery little faces make the table a little warmer : )

I read up on the history of fans, discovered there aren’t many museums in the world dedicated to them and am planning a trip up to Healdsburg to check them out. Wouldn’t mind taking a trip to England to see THE museum and have a spot of tea…

Check out the Hand Fan Museum in Healdsburg here:

And the Greenwich Museum here:

Tomorrow – Fall cherries

230 days to go!!

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