Day 135 – A celebration of Cattails

Cattails and wheat

After the color explosion of the last two weeks, and especially yesterday, this looks downright quiet : )

We grew up in an area with creeks and hills, wild mustard running rampant in the spring and creeks full of cattails in the fall. Now when I walk those same roads the creeks are mostly filled in and over and the hills have McMansions built on them. I went out walking to see if I could find ANY cattails but no, not a one.

Fortunately, our friend Stan the apple man at the farmers market had some purple millet so that will have to do.

Warm weather and outdoor dining

We are back outside! The weather is WARM, and by that I mean mid-70’s with a breeze. For all our east coast friends who are without power and shoveling sidewalks, I’m terribly sorry. We are still rocking the flip-flops and t-shirts : )

Fall feast

The tablecloth is a Nadine find, a rare Wilendur with six napkins AND a bonus dish towel!

I pulled out my lonesome vintage yellow Fiesta, added the weird green salad plates I found recently at Target and topped it with a chartreuse Fiesta bowl. The casserole and vase are modern yellow Fiesta and the silverware my favorite french ivory from Sur la Table.

Squash soup time!

Those bowls are just begging for soup! The small bright green glasses were an IKEA find on my last trip and the larger glasses are my jewel-toned finds from Pottery Barn many, many years ago.

I didn’t realize until I started photographing that I hadn’t needed to go looking for cattails, they came to me -

Minnie : )

First Minnie hopped up to check out the millet. Technically she has no tail having lost it when she was little. For a cat who used to wag her tail like a dog I was very sad for her, but she seems fine without it : )

And now Stuart!

Then Stuart had to hop up and declare his sovereignt, smack Minnie in the face and settle down to claim the millet as his.

He has a tail, a very fine one, but it talks to him and he has fights with it. It’s tough being a kitty…

So at the end of the day I DID get some cat tails on the table! As long as they don’t eat the millet I’m fine with the company.

Tomorrow – Fans galore

231 days to go!!

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