Day 126 – Miss Havisham’s wedding feast

So...they're dishes...

So…they're dishes…

What we have here are a few pieces of classic design dishware. Nice beige color, lovely gold bands, monogrammed….found them at a thrift store on College Ave. in Oakland for a dollar or two a piece…so what’s the big deal?

Ahhh…..fits in perfectly with the day :

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Day 125 – Mad Science!

A family heirloom

A family heirloom

Today is Mad Science Day!! Since my dad is a (retired) scientist, and I work at the company that invented Bio Engineering it seemed only appropriate : )

This is my dad’s microscope, he got it from his dad who got it from his doctor back in

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Day 124 – Arachnophobes beware!!

Pretty girl : )

Pretty girl : )

The joy of having a friend who used to do props for a living is the ‘stuff’ in her garage : ) Sue is also a huge fan of Halloween and parties and every year has a different theme. One year she converted her entire front yard into

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Day 123 – Skullduggery

Cool graphics : )

Cool graphics : )

Skulldiggery – The use of clever underhanded actions to achieve an end.

Yes, we are using clever actions to achieve an end, I’m just not sure they’re completely underhanded : )

After all, if we had REAL skulls on a table that might be

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Day 122 – Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins…

Mr. Pumpkin Man : )

Mr. Pumpkin Man : )

Pumpkins are one of my favorite parts of fall – I love to eat them, decorate with them, collect things with pumpkins on them… I found this little guy at our local hardware store, of all places, and I couldn’ t resist his stovepipe hat, stripey leggings

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Day 121 – Candy Corn!

Hello happy corn!

Hello happy corn!

Day one of Halloween fun starts with Candy corn, that sweet little candy that seems like its been around forever. If by forever you mean since 1898 then yes, its been around ‘forever’ : )

Orange and yellow all over!

Not all Halloween things are creepy,

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Day 120 – The calm before the Halloween storm

If it's blue...

If it's blue…

It must be Sue’s and it is, a favorite to boot. What better way to spend the last remaining hours until we plunge headlong into our thirteen days of Halloween fun?!

But for now, the calm. The serene combination of blue, grey and white. SHhhhhhhh……..


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