Day 133 – The Fortune Teller

Recognize these?

These are Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling cards, we all had a set of them growing up. You could tell your friends fortunes with these and not get into the scary world of Tarot : )

You could also play a mean game of solitaire so they’re quite versatile.

For the final day of Halloween madness fun we decided to set up our own Fortune Telling tent in the backyard -

Step up...

 and it’s made entirely out of tablecloths!

I have a *few* of these, in all kinds of colors. I made them for my wedding a few years ago so I’ve got 12 huge rounds and 12 squares in shades of purple, fuschia, reds and oranges. We literally pulled out a pile of cloths and started draping.

We had LOTS of help:

Ashton kitty!

 Ashton stopped by to check things out and immediately settled next to the orange cloth.

Hi Minnie : )

Then Minnie stopped by and ending up hanging out UNDER the chair. Meanwhile there are other cats zipping about, dodging in and out of the ‘tent’ and in general causing things to swing and sway. Kitties…

Have a seat

Once the novelty of hanging panels of fabric wore off we were able to get down to work. Cards were shuffled and laid out, tea was ready in the brass tea urn and a couple of very spiffy glasses were found.

And your fortune is...

All in all a fun time has been had! It gets dark earlier now, in a week we lose daylight savings time. We stayed up late to see how our tent looked after dusk -


It’s the time of Harvest Festivals and getting yards ready to sleep for the winter.

Join us as we celebrate the bounty of the season and get ready for the festivities to come. If the fur coats and big tummies on the cats and bunnies are any indication we’re in for a cold winter this year : )

Tomorrow – Dia de los Muertos

233 days to go!!

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