Day 132 – Halloween Party!!


Walk through the entrance to the graveyard, if you dare…

There's something hanging from that tree...

Be careful of things in the air…

Follow the pumpkins : )

Or follow the path of the pumpkins into the party : )

Sue goes all out, this is her favorite holiday. She’s been cooking and baking all week,wait until you see the cake that is literally a foot tall and smothered in chocolate!

The evening was gorgeous, you couldn’t order nicer weather if you’d had a menu. There was a very new crescent moon out,a few stars and miraculously no wind.

Out back where the food is

Because she has such a great back yard space the very 60′s lanai was decked out with lights and pumpkins. Tables were set up, loaded with food and the tiki bar was in full operation : )

The REAL action, however, was in the house…

Check out the cakes!

As if a brain made entirely of shrimp, more hor d’oeuvres than I could count, three different green salads, pumpkin soup,  lasagna, corn muffins, several veggie dishes AND eighteen varieties of beer weren’t enough (and I’m SURE I missed at least one entire table of food) we have dessert…

More dessert than I’ve seen outside of a bakery…and Sue made the cakes. Because it was her friend Chris’ birthday (one of those that ends with a “0″) he had requested lots of beer and a simple chocolate cake, that’s under the dome on the left. Then she decided to make a no-ginger ginger cake with cream cheese frosting, that’s the white one on the right.

But the one that caught everyone’s eye is the foot-high-chocolate-covered wonder there in the back. It was even more wondrous when she cut it, eliciting audible gasps from those crowded around -


It is FIVE layers, alternating with chocolate and pistachio and ganache between the layers. All smothered in a chocolate ganache shell. There should be a law…


She cut into that thing and people swooped to get some! I barely managed a picture before it was demolished : )

I had a piece of each of them. They were terrible, you would have been disappointed if you’d been there, leaving the leftovers for us….

Guess who’s having cake for breakfast this morning?

The whole party was fabulous! Good people, good food, fabulous evening to sit out under the stars, it was GOOD fun.

My favorite guy

This little guy is one of my favorite pieces. I love his little hat, his little pumpkin and most especially his little bat wand.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Hug your kids, they grow up so fast, hug your animals and keep them safe. Have some fun : )

234 days to go!!

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